The area popularly known as Shaughnessy Village is located in the City of Montreal in the Peter-McGill District. Its boundaries are Sherbrooke St. to the north, Guy to the east, Autoroute Ville Marie to the south, and Atwater to the west.

The neighborhood consists of portions of the following streets :

East-West: De Maisonneuve, Lincoln, Sherbrooke, Autoroute Ville Marie, Rene-Levesque, Baile, Tupper, St. Catherine

North-South: Guy, St. Mathieu, St. Marc, Du Fort, Seymour, Sussex, Hope, Lambert Closse, Atwater

Shaughnessy Village

Shaughnessy Village is a small and charming community located within the larger City of Montreal. It includes all the elements of a village, for instance: single family, duplex and triplex homes, small/medium/large apartment buildings of various vintages, hotel, schools, a museum, a hospital, restaurants & bars, a variety of stores,theatres, office buildings, churches, parks, and gyms.

These elements are put together in such a way that it is possible to be on a busy and noisy commercial street one moment and by turning a comer and walking a block, one is on a quiet residential street with mature trees overhead and buildings dating from the late 1800’s. With a population of 4000, the Village contains a variety of individuals from all economic levels; for example, professionals, business people, families, students, elderly and unemployed. This eclectic mix creates an interesting and democratic environment.

The essence of the area is characterized by the Shaughnessy Village Association. It brings together a variety of Villagers to participate in events such as the annual Clean-up Day, various social functions and the annual charitable Holiday Collection. These events give a cohesive identity to the area, are opportunities for liaison of Village interests with those of various departments of municipal and provincial government and generally improves the physical environment and the quality of life in the Village.

Bernard Sanchez, President of SVA
1932 Tupper, Montréal, Qué. H3H 1N5

Shaughnessy Village Association